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CL for Elle Korea(October Issue)

Friendly reminder that it's ok to support more than one kpop group.
Friendly reminder that just because you only support one kpop group, it doesn't make you better than people that support others too.
Friendly reminder that fan wars are immature and you are allowed to support any group you like.
Friendly reminder that you can still be a kpop fan even if you have never seen your group perform live, don't own any merchandise and don't live in Korea.

sweet hara ♥


2NE1 graphics meme:

1/6 ☑ favourite lyrics (2NE1→ Missing You (그리워해요)

"There is a part where Park Bom sings ‘The love of my youth ends like this’. I did not see them record this, but I listened to the part in order to do additional recording and it unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes … I think I cried a lot because I was thinking of the sadness that comes with inevitable farewells and that the time right here right now was incredibly precious."

Chaerin Lee for Elle Magazine, October 2014